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Zimbabwe National Association of Housing Cooperatives (ZINAHCO)is the apex for housing cooperatives in Zimbabwe. The organisation was formed through the Capacity Building efforts done by an NGO called Housing People of Zimbabwe (HPZ). Housing People of Zimbabwe was formed in 1992 and was mandated to help the emerging housing cooperatives to be well governed and structured. The NGO did its best and spearheaded the training and structuring up of the housing cooperative movement. This work saw District Housing Unions namely Bulawayo, Chitungwiza, Harare and Mutare getting structured up and in 1993 ZINAHCO got formed and subsequently registered in 2001 under the Cooperative Societies Act Chapter 24:05.Its operations are guided by this Act and the Revised Government Policy on Cooperative Development (2005).

It is our responsibility to make sure that the low income earners and the vulnerable groups of people have a place of their own to live together with their families. -Mr. Mike Duru, President of ZINAHCO

ZINAHCO is a membership based organization which is led by a Board of Directors. The composition of the Board derives its membership from the movement. Each member of the ZINAHCO Board belongs to a primary cooperative. What happens is that each affiliate primary cooperative nominates one or two people to be part of the District Union Management Committee where the District Unions exist. Each District Union in turn nominates two people that would constitute the ZINAHCO Board. In this way the structure is very democratic and the Board is made up of people who understand the on-​ground issues. This in itself also means that the Board is representative of the community from which it is drawn, with a wide range of occupations and skill levels.

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Stages in cooperative housing development


There are eight stages that a housing cooperative must go through in its life cycle (provided it sticks to its mandate and it stays focused on attaining its goal!). These stages are chronicled here as follows:.….….Read more

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CLIFF – Community Led Infrastructure Finance Facility – is a loan facility that has been made available for access by ZINAHCO affiliated housing cooperatives for purposes of housing development (construction of houses). This facility is in partnership with Homeless International. The model is based on a cooperative concept.

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MembershipImage0ZINAHCO offers you an opportunity to own your own house by becoming a member of a housing cooperative that is affiliated to us. Alternatively you can for

m your own housing cooperative of at least 10 members, get registered and affiliate with us.

There are so many benefits that you will enjoy if your housing cooperative affiliate with us.

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